African American population in Fillmore County

The African American Population of Fillmore County, Minnesota

The African American population of Fillmore County, Minnesota is approximately 11% of the county’s total population. The county seat is Preston and there are 21,228 residents. The city has a diverse community, and many people from different backgrounds live in this area. The African American community is also highly visible in other parts of the state, including the surrounding areas. The African-American community in Fillmore County is diverse and inclusive, and there are many ways to get involved.

The Census Bureau categorizes the county’s African-American population as having a higher percentage of people than whites. It is also the most diverse county in Minnesota, with a diverse demographic. The majority of residents of Fillmore County are White, followed by Hispanics, and Two or More. However, there are some differences in racial makeup amongst the population, so it is important to consider all the ethnic groups.

According to the 2010 census, the African-American population in Fillmore County is about 6% of the county’s total population, and it is comprised of about 2,500 people. In addition to that, the county’s economic indicators indicate that the area is relatively prosperous. In fact, Fillmore County is ranked third in Minnesota, with a median income of $37,367. The number of people living in poverty in the county is less than 1%.

The median age of residents in Fillmore County is 42.3 years old, with the average person aged 32. While native-born residents are generally older than foreign-born people, the average age of the population is slightly younger. During the 2016 presidential election, Donald J. Trump won the state of Minnesota with 37% of the vote. Hillary Rodham Clinton was a close second, with only 8.25% of the vote.

The African American population in Fillmore County, MN is a significant minority. About half of the residents are Native-born, with the remainder being foreign-born. Moreover, 61.794 of the population is foreign-born, while the other half is native-born. Overall, the county has a small African-American population. The number of African-American residents is increasing, but the country’s population of the county is still growing.

The African-American population of Fillmore County, MN is estimated to be 2112 people, based on the county’s 2020 boundaries. The majority of the residents are white, while the rest are Hispanic or Other. As a result, there are no specific statistics that measure African-American population in Fillmore, MN. There are approximately 2,471 people in this county and about 11,000 people in the entire city.

In the 2010 Census, the African-American population of Fillmore County, MN was 98.2% of white citizens. One percent of residents were foreign-born. Their racial makeup also reflects their education levels. The median age was 42.2% for native-born citizens and 32.4% of the foreign-born population of Fillmore, MN. The most common racial or ethnic group in Fillmore, MN is White. There are about 61,800 residents who are Hispanic.

The African American majority in Fillmore County was less than 42% in 2019

In Fillmore County, MN, the median age of residents was 42.3 in 2019. The median age of foreign-born residents was 32 in 2019. The African-American population of Fillmore, MN is disproportionately younger than the national average. The majority of Fillmore County’s African-American residents live in the city of Bloomington. Using the 2016 Census, the Black and Hispanic populations were in the county at the same rate.

The African-American population in Fillmore County, MN is about 42.3 percent of its total population. The median age of native-born citizens was 42.4 in 2018, and that of foreign-born citizens was 32. Both groups are getting older in the country. The African-American population of Fillmore County, MN is growing. A recent poll found that the area’s 61,794 residents were Mexican-born.

In 2019, the African-American population of Fillmore County, MN is 1.1% of the total population. In addition, the African-American population in Fillmore County is largely composed of people who are of African descent. The percentage of African-Americans in this county is nearly the same as the national average. There are no statistics on the percentage of women in this county. The black and Asian populations of Fillmore are the same in Fillmore County, MN.

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